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Why do we overeat? It starts on the INSIDE
People turn to food for sensual indulgence, escape, spacing out, a tranquilizing effect, comfort, and so on. Weigh Down teaches people to eat regular foods ONLY when your stomach growls, and through this process, you learn to swallow or eat just one-half to one-third of what you used to swallow. The “desire eating” goes away. That means you will lose weight! You will be able to do this; it happens naturally. You will not have to measure the food or count the grams—your stomach will guide you. The volume of food decreases as you focus on hunger and fullness. Thousands of ex-dieters are doing this within twenty-four hours of starting Weigh Down! Simple, easy, and NOT extreme!
Weigh Down starts with the INSIDE…your PASSION!
The typical weight-loss program suggests losing weight through diet and exercise. We suggest that if you lose the passion for food, the result will be that you eat less food and therefore lose weight permanently. The typical 1950s–1990s approach tried to fix the body or the food but did not address the PASSION that we’ve had for food. The Weigh Down approach fixes the heart (or your passion) first, and the body follows.