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Weigh Down is about MODERATION…the RIGHT way of eating! Your body will THANK you!
As you begin this new way of eating less food, keep in mind that your body has done its best to adapt and adjust to the extremes of large meals or binges and the starvation or deprivation you have given it through the years. One of the ways the body has adapted is by producing enough stomach acid to accommodate or digest the huge amounts of food you have been eating. The amount of stomach acid that is produced is a “supply and demand” kind of deal. As more is needed, more is produced. As you need LESS, the supply will taper off to adjust to the NEED. Before Weigh Down, your stomach did not know if it was going to swallow 10,000 calories or just swallow a liquid diet drink because your head or a sheet of paper, not your stomach, decided what and how much to eat. SO – Weigh Down takes you BACK to the way your body is SUPPOSED to eat…in MODERATION…NOT bingeing and dieting.
 Weigh Down