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Listening to what foods your BODY is calling for…instead of a pre-programmed list!
When articles are released making claims - good or bad - related to food, we encourage you to be slow to "jump on the bandwagon." One month we hear that oatmeal is beneficial in lowering cholesterol, and the next month we find out that long-term research contradicts the short-term findings. Researchers may have stock in food industries, and pharmaceuticals all have vested financial interests in claiming certain findings, so be accurate with your volume of food and do not be overly optimistic with a food claim. Your body was made with great wisdom. You mainly need to know how much food you need. That is the main sensitivity to good health. What you need is so overlapped in each food group that what you eat is not complicated or something to worry about. This is HUGE! You CAN eat what your body is calling for WITHOUT OVEREATING! It is universally accepted to have breakfast foods that differ from lunch and supper foods in the course of one day. This familiar acceptance of VARIETY lets you know that God has programmed our systems to have biological feedback that cues us to a variety, even within a twenty-four–hour period!