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Does Weigh Down teach fat gram and caloric counting? What about exercise?
We are not running against the current national medical suggestion that fat content needs to be reduced; rather, we just propose another means to accomplish this goal. Weigh Down will show you how God can bring us to peace with food—never to return to the nightmare of endless overweight, yo-yo dieting and “have-to” exercise regimens, but rather to a calm, non-magnetized approach to regular foods with the ability to approach foods such as rich entrees and desserts without losing self-control. Exercise need no longer be connected to burning calories; instead it can be an enjoyable activity. You will be free!
Food Content
What about all those food rules concerning protein, vitamins, fats, calories, carbohydrates, basic four food groups, free foods, trigger foods, and so on?

We have spent millions of dollars and years of research trying to figure out how the body functions and why it gains weight. But God never intended for us to worry about what we should eat and what we should drink—any more than He intended for us to worry about how much oxygen the body is getting in order to breathe (Matt. 6:25–27; Mark 7:14–19). He created a system that works automatically, without our even thinking about it. When we eat according to hunger and fullness, one of the things we discover is that the body has the amazing and very accurate ability to sense what it needs. It will alert us to that need well before it breaks down or becomes ill. All food groups do not need to be consumed in one day. The body stores nutrients, including vitamins, from the food just as a squirrel stores nuts for the winter. We also don’t need to count calories or fat grams because the reduced amount of food that we are consuming (between hunger and fullness) will naturally reduce all those counts—calories, fat grams, carbohydrate grams, and so on.

The other misconception man has created is the idea that some foods are righteous and some foods are evil and can trigger an uncontrolled binge. All foods are created to be received with thanksgiving (1 Tim. 4:1–3). There will be consequences for gluttony, regardless of the appearance of righteousness or evil. No food is created to be eaten with greed, and the idea that a food is evil or forbidden often makes it overly tempting. When we continue to deny ourselves the wonderful food that God created for us because it contains fat grams, we are also sabotaging the system that He set up. He made fats to house flavor and aroma and created us to love both—but a little goes a long way. When we begin to add these satisfying foods back into our diet, remembering that hunger and fullness are our only boundaries, we discover that uncontrolled binges become things of the past.


Your body can turn a fat into a carbohydrate, a protein into a fat, or any other combination of the three. In other words, you can take a carbohydrate, fat, or protein, and change one into the other. Most of what you eat is broken into those small units and turned into glucose molecules to feed each cell. These chemical reactions take place in the liver. Notice the carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), and sometimes nitrogen (N) in all these structures. If you overeat a carbohydrate, fat, or protein, it is turned into a fat and shipped to your body's favorite storage locations - the gut and hips.