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Weigh Down is NEITHER a DIET…NOR is it anything EXTREME.

Weigh Down is unlike anything you have ever heard of in the past and unlike any other program available.  Click on the links below for more information.

Weigh Down – Simple, genuine, true moderation…NO Extremes…It equals RESULTS!
The concepts laid out in Weigh Down are simple. They are so simple that they will confound the intellectual elite. Weigh Down is for those who want to live out the truth. Those of you who try to incorporate the truths set before you will find out if they are genuine or not. If a principle is from God, you will see good and lasting results. It will give you peace that is virtually free of anger, and it will liberate you from compulsive behaviors. You will ultimately feel a deep, loving nature permeating your soul, in contrast to an unloving nature at the root and base of your soul.
Weigh Down – It’s the NATURAL way you were MEANT to eat!
Experts Weigh In...

Julia Morris"As a nurse practitioner for over 11 years, I have seen no other program offer permanent lifestyle change starting day one.  I do not see yo-yo effects, or sports injuries from pushing a deconditioned person too far.  Rather, I have seen a natural increase in activity as wellness increases, falling cholesterol levels without medication, improved blood pressure and GI problems, and an overall move toward moderate living and better coping with the stresses of modern life.  I see healthy skin and almost immediately increased energy levels, while body weight goes steadily down to the ideal range.  This program is most safe and moderate, and does not require different behaviors at different "stages;" but rather a simple, do-able lifestyle change that works for evenings, weekends, vacations, special occasions and travel.  I have seen no other solution that compares.  Convinced of its effectiveness, I eventually lost 110 pounds on this program!"
- Julia B. Morris, FNP, Family Health Care, TN (lost 110 pounds)

"As a physician I have watched the frustrated attempts of countless patients as they tried program after program to get the weight off.  I knew that my recommendations of standard low-fat diets were inadequate because I had actually gained weight counting fat grams. Now I can’t seem to stop talking to anyone who will listen about the difference Weigh Down has made in my life.  In fact, it is the only diet I recommend to my patients now."
- Yvonne Sims, M.D., OBGYN, TN (lost 20 pounds)

Leda Kubiak"I see patients every day who suffer from being overweight or obese. The diets and exercise programs are not solving the problem. This country, oldest to the youngest, is getting larger and more depressed.

Modern medicine needs God, the Creator. Through Weigh Down, I lost over 35 pounds by learning to change my heart to love God and rely on Him instead of diets. I have permanently changed from the inside out. The keys of portion control and moderation are simple, natural, and biologically make sense. The restored health from participants is simply not found in the best clinics or medical research facilities. I recommend this life changing program to all my patients ."

- Leda Kubiak, Family Nurse Practitioner, Nashville, TN (lost 35 pounds)

"In many years of medicine, I had become disheartened with the diet industry.  It was through this program that I found a new understanding for people dealing with eating disorders and realized that there was a new focus in ways of managing weight control."
- David M. Larsen, M.D., Family Medicine, TN

Jayne DuboisProfessionally as a licensed psychologist, I applaud the principles taught in the Weigh Down ministry seminars. Every client or WD participant who has applied the faith-based solutions taught in Weigh Down has not only lost excess weight but also experienced improvements in mood, interpersonal relationships, and his/her ability to cope with stress. No other seminar or therapeutic intervention has produced such permanent and statistically significant results. In Weigh Down participants discover the spiritually foundational keys to modifying their extreme and self-destructive behaviors.  Clients’ lives formerly characterized by: anxiety, guilt, & depression, by severe mood swings, by volatile & unpredictable relationship patterns, and by excessive over indulgences of all types (alcohol, spending, eating, etc) now are defined by balance, productivity, & moderation.  Weigh Down is practical, common sense, & life-changing.
Personally, through Weigh Down, I lost 100 pounds and the excess weight has been off for several years.  Prior to Weigh Down, I was consumed by depression, guilt, anger, and a deep sense of failure because of my greed & addictions (food, shopping, ambition, etc). After Weigh Down, I am no longer addicted to food, shopping, ambition, etc and as a result, those chronic feelings of depression, guilt, and anger are gone!  
- Jayne M. Dubois, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist (lost 100 pounds)

"There is no reason why anyone could not benefit from Weigh Down, which is less a ‘diet’ than the Gospel applied to eating.  I will not be passing on a legacy of a fat father and poor eating habits to my children who watch."
- Daniel Sather, M.D., Internist, Minnesota (lost 54 pounds)

"When I first met Karen Perera in Sept 2008, she had already lost 90 pounds with the Weighdown program. In our system she had weighed 257lbs on 6/7/05. In 2008 she weighed168.9lbs with diet alone and no exercise. At the time she was on a diabetic medication, metformin 1000mg twice a day, a blood pressure and a cholesterol medication. At the time, her diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol were under control. She worked more on her diet. I started decreasing down her blood pressure medication. 1 year later at her return visit in September 2009 she weighed 158lbs. her diabetes had resolved, HgA1C was 5.4% and normal, blood pressure. At that visit we stopped her diabetic medication, blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication. Now from our last visit in February 2011 her diabetes is still not apparent but her blood pressure has increased, requiring medication. Her weight has gone down to 149lbs. She still is not taking any cholesterol medication. I have been amazed by Karen and this program. This reinforces the doctors teaching that controlling consumption has a great impact on weight loss, sometimes before starting exercise. Both together will show the most benefit. There have been studies done that show that making a lifestyle choice NOT a diet will work for weight loss and sustained weight loss, as evidence by Karen." - Sharon Rubin, MD - Internal Medicine - Duke Primary Care